About Facial Rejuvenation for Women

Dr. Van specializes in non-surgical facial rejuvenation and aesthetics to help patients overcome the effects of aging. These are unique areas in that they require a surgeon's technical expertise regarding the facial anatomy and structure as well as artistic skill and ability to naturally create a more youthful appearance within facial features and skin textures and tones, while preserving the integrity and function of the delicate eye tissue. The first step in facial rejuvenation is to share your facial areas of concern and personal aesthetic goals with Dr. Van. After a thorough consultation Dr. Van will review the scope of facial rejuvenation treatment options that can help you achieve your desired goals. Dr. Van carefully blends techniques, procedures and treatments that provide you with results that are so natural that friends, family members and coworkers will simply say, “You Really Look Refreshed & Full of Energy!” without even knowing that you have had facial rejuvenation procedures.

For some women droopy eyelids or dark circles are particularly troubling and cosmetic blepharoplasty eyelid surgery or “eye lifts” can be part of the facial rejuvenation plan to help minimize or eliminate puffy, baggy, dark tired looking eyes. For others, our approach might be to use BOTOX® Cosmetic layered with gel fillers such as JUVÉDERM® to create a “liquid facelift.” A “liquid facelift” can help us smooth fine lines and wrinkles and help raise the eyebrows to look more awake and so that you can avoid looking older than you feel. Sometimes we simply need to soften some of the forehead frown lines, furrows or wrinkles or volumize areas with gel fillers to achieve a “radiant” look. For many women we aim to eliminate crow’s feet around the eyes if they feel it is causing them to project an aging image.

We work to create a natural “fresh” appearance by carefully selecting treatment options based on an in depth understanding of how the delicate tissue around the eyes, the eyelids, forehead and overall facial structures and anatomy can be approached to restore and maintain the youthful, energetic appearance you desire-naturally!

Dr. Da-Thuy Van is skilled and experienced in both the art & science of facial rejuvenation for women. To get help for reducing or eliminating the changes and signs of facial aging and achieving a more youthful energetic appearance, schedule a consultation by calling 800-423-3937.